Quality Policy

Specialised movers are ISO 14001 Accredited - Environmental Management Systems

Specialised Movers is wholly committed to quality, and to providing customers with a service that exceeds their expectations. We have achieved BS 8522, and as part of our well-established Quality Management System underpinning these standards, we aim to ensure that this quality is consistently delivered and enhanced through the embedded Plan >> Do >> Check >> Act ethos and through the external review and audit process requirements of the Accreditation.

These Standards require Specialised Movers to continuously review and improve operational effectiveness and current practices (and therefore client satisfaction) in order to retain the standards and also to be externally assessed by a qualified third party Audit Company to demonstrate corporate adherence to the Policies and Procedures that form this Quality Management System.

The Company’s Quality Management Framework and associated Policy and Procedures have been endorsed by the executive management to ensure that our customers receive a commercial moving service which meets and exceeds their expectations.

Our Quality Aims are:

  • For customers to receive quality, reliability and integrity in all services provided by the company to enable their needs, expectations and requirements to be exceeded
  • To maintain and enhance our existing quality assurance framework and accreditations through:
  • good managerial skills and techniques
  • excellent customer service
  • effective systems of control
  • continuous professional development for all staff
  • provision of appropriate equipment
  • continuous compliance with all relevant UK legislation

See our Accreditations Section for more details on Specialised Movers’ Quality Achievements.

Health & Safety Policy

Specialised Movers operates in compliance with all current UK Health & Safety legislation, including the Health and Safety at Work Act, RIDORR, COSHH, and has a Health & Safety Policy which is endorsed by Directors and available to all employees at all levels, aimed at developing a sense of personal responsibility for quality improvement.

Through staff adherence to this Policy and associated procedures, the company aims to demonstrate its commitment to “do all that is reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property, and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the public, insofar as they come into contact with the company or its procedures.”

As part of the company’s well-established Framework of Policies and Procedures, our Health and Safety Policy document and Policies/Procedures are managed by the Health and Safety Officer of Specialised Movers’, who is additionally NEBOSH Qualified.

The Policy covers staff and visitors to Specialised Movers’ premises and fully details all the safe practices that should be adhered to in any environment (office or on-site), covering specific use of all our admin and removal machinery, handling and lifting equipment practices.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Specialised Movers seek to employ the most suitable and appropriately qualified people for the work to be undertaken, and is committed to the Equal Opportunities principle that no employee or job applicant shall receive direct or indirect unfavourable treatment on the grounds of race, religious beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability in accordance with The Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Codes of Practice.

Environmental Policies

invest heavily in the environment be ensuring that our removals trucks meet stringent low-emission environmental regulations through add-blue in addition to conventional diesel reducing pollutant smoke

ensuring all our vehicles are regularly maintained, thus enabling reduced CO2 emissions and maximum fuel efficiency (our vehicles are Euro 4 specification – using 10% less diesel than a similar Euro Class 2 engine, and we are also trialling bio-fuels to help further reduce our carbon emissions)
ensuring all our storage warehouses and office buildings operate efficiently and “switch off” policies are undertaken by all staff
actively ensuring that our customers and staff are aware of which unwanted goods (either in our own business or our clients) are capable of being recycled/re-used – this includes the packing materials used throughout the move (wood/cardboard/paper etc.)
ensuring that unwanted goods that cannot be recycled/re-used are disposed of in a safe and environmentally-sound way – and in conformance with all current legislation and EU Directives

…thus helping to minimise ours and our customers’/partners’ carbon footprints as far as possible.

Our Environmental Aims are:

  • to minimise the consumption of natural resources and energy, whilst consuming material goods in moderation
  • to reduce the creation of waste destined for landfill by the adoption of improved operating practices and further by the recycling of waste materials wherever practical
  • to ensure that all waste and effluent is disposed of in a safe and responsible manner
  • to invest in the development of new products and processes that have an improved performance regarding their impact on the environment
  • to comply with all current UK and EU environmental legislation

Specialised Movers work proactively with staff, suppliers, customers, shareholders and local communities local to foster an understanding of environmental issues in the context of its business. Our collective task is to ensure that we continually reduce the environmental impact of our total global activities.


We are also involved with local tree planting operations throughout South Yorkshire and are a registered Waste Carrier.

Ethical Policies

Specialised Movers’ code of ethics requires compliance with the specific country’s current law in which we conduct business. All our employees are expected to comply with all laws affecting our business, and to act in every respect with honesty, fairness and integrity, and further – has an individual responsibility to deal ethically with all our customers and suppliers, fellow employees and the general public.

We support sustainability and social responsibility and will further favour Suppliers and Sub-Contractors who:


commit resources to support communication of sustainability and social responsibility principles and practices
share strategies, policies, procedures, best practices and other relevant material to assist organisations working to improve sustainability and social responsibility behavior internally and with suppliers
encourage building and integrating a program throughout their organisation and the supply chain, and who additionally ensure that all products are manufactured from sustainable sources

Insurance Policies

Specialised Movers use the Insurance Broker Basil Fry for all insurance polices:

Basil Fry
Claire House
Bridge Street
Surrey KT 22 8BZ

Tel: 01372 385985
Fax: 01372 385986

Basil Fry are accredited with being on the Approved Professional Advisors’ Panel of the BAR (British Association of Removers) and provide Specialised Movers wtih a Combined Liability Certificate for both Employers and Public Liability:

  • Transit Insurance – Specialised Movers provide a standard liability cover of up to £100,000 per vehicle load
  • Employers Liability – Limit of £10,000,000
  • Public Liability – Limit of £5,000,000

These limits can be increased on request for any client or project.

Security Policy

Specialised Movers are committed to maintaining security of effects throughout all contracted moves.

Our Security Aims are to ensure that:

  • all staff are fully uniformed and wear their photo ID cards at all times, ensuring that all staff are easily identifiable to the customer and the general public;
  • where required by the customer, all packing of effects into crates is further protected with security seals (either plain or numbered). Numbered seals should be used on high security materials, where the unique security numbers are recorded at the packing stage and a copy retained by the client. On delivery/relocation, the seals are broken and crates unpacked only when they match the customer’s recorded numbers;
  • marshalling practices are enforced where necessary. Specialised Movers have years of experience working with The Home Office, Inland Revenue and SOCA, and therefore our crews are well trained in marshalling effects throughout the move process. No items will be left unattended. Vehicles under load will always be locked, alarmed and manned.

The following extract is from our Statement of Security, a copy of which accompanies all our job sheets and which all crews sign and adhere to:
Statement of Security

VEHICLE: Ensure that the vehicle is kept secure at all times:

  • Keys must not be left in the ignition
  • Vehicle cab must be locked when not in use
  • Vehicle body must be kept locked when loading/unloading is in process
  • No unauthorised personnel to go on to or in to vehicle

EQUIPMENT: Ensure that all equipment is kept in sight at all times:

  • No unauthorised personnel to use/operate equipment
  • Only trained personnel to use equipment

SITE: Ensure that access and egress to buildings are monitored:

  • Report immediately any unauthorised personnel on site


Further to the above security procedures, all Specialised Movers’ staff are fully CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked due to the nature of our public sector work and work with the Police. Re-checks take place every 2 years. All removals staff are full-time employees – we do not use sub-contractors, agency or casual labour, and therefore have direct knowledge and experience of all staff.