The Move – Domestic

When undertaking your domestic move, we understand that this can be a very stressful time and, which is why we use our robust commercial planning techniques -following the same type of detailed five step plan – to ensure that your move goes smoothly, to plan and on budget.

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Step 1: Free Survey, Free Advice & Free Quotation


Once you choose Specialised Movers, we allocate a dedicated Project Manager to ensure the move goes as quickly and easily as possible. We will meet with you within your home in order to understand your timescales and concerns.

At this stage we will also undertake a thorough survey of all effects prior to removal, noting items requiring special attention/wrapping and packing, providing you with a fixed price quotation in writing
an assessment of removals logistics, resourcing, ensuring the right crew and vehicle size, also identifying any traffic issues/parking permits/access requirements for loading and unloading

contingency planning, to ensure that should the unexpected occur, any impacts on the overall move are minimal – ie. storage

…allowing us then to design your unique Domestic Move Plan to suit your exact needs and to provide help and assistance at every step of the way.


See our Project Management section for more information.

Step 2: Packing/Wrapping and Building Protection

Specialised Movers’ priority is to protect your home and your effects for the duration of your move.

Our skilled staff will apply a wide range of protective materials along with their experience and expertise to ensure a trouble-free move.

Measures taken will include:

  • Carpet/floor protection
  • Suite covers
  • Flat screen TV covers
  • Mattress bags
  • Packing materials for glassware, china, ornaments
  • Wrapping materials from transit blankets to export wrapping of delicate items


See our Domestic FAQs for more information on Building Protection and our Professional Packing services

Step 3: Loading and Transportation

SM Removal van with sidedoors open

Your possessions will be wrapped and loaded directly into our specially liveried removals vehicle. Wooden or metal raves ensure that all your effects are strapped securely by webs or ties.

Before departing from your old home our crew will check every room with you to ensure all effects have been loaded.

Our vehicles are on air-ride suspension to provide a smooth journey for even your most fragile of possessions.

See our Staff, Machinery and Livery section for more information.

Step 4: Secure, Containerised Storage

If you’re not moving direct to a new house, then Specialised Movers can take your possessions to our secure containerised storage warehouse where they are protected 24/7 by professionally installed alarms and CCTV systems, until such time as they are needed at your new home.

See our Secure Storage section for more information.



Step 5: Unloading/Unpacking


When we arrive at your new home, your possessions will be unloaded with the same professional care.

On arrival our crew will place building protection such as carpet protectors. They will then deliver into the correct rooms and position your effects as required. If we have dismantled any items of furniture then these will also be re-assembled.

Before we depart we will check every room with you to ensure all items have been placed correctly.