finalist-cmoty-logo2016 Commercial Mover of The Year Finalists.

Specialised Movers again reached the final 3 in the prestigious CMOTY competition.
Staged for all Commercial Moving group members. Each Removal company must supply 6  removal contracts that they have undertaken over the past twelve months.
A panel of 3 judges then contact the clients and will ask a range of questions . Scores are compiled and a final evaluation of the Removers performance is compiled.
3 finalists are then announced .Specialised Movers were the only North of England finalist.
After this process a further inspection of the Removers offices and warehouse facilities takes place by a Quality standards inspectorate. Again scores are accredited and added to the companies final overall Removal score.
We amassed a score of over 97% which put us into a clear 2nd position. So  Close !