Introducing the CMG’s Vice Chairman!

Nigel Shaw of Specialised Movers sets out what he plans to achieve during his term as Vice Chairman of the Commercial Moving Group.
“I have been a member of the CMG Council for some 14 years, most of that time as Treasurer. I have really enjoyed my time working alongside colleagues many of whom have become good friends, and three have gone on to become Presidents of our association. I must mention in particular David Bunting who first convinced me to join the CMG Council whilst in his chairmanship. He is a figure I have always looked up to as a mentor and role model; I hope I can follow in his footsteps.
My early days were spent in listening and learning, then contributing to Council discussions and decision making. This led to getting involved at sub- committee level, especially with marketing and promotion, which has always been a real interest of mine. One of our projects was the promotion of the Commercial Mover of the Year competition (CMotY). The CMG Council works tirelessly to make this fair, transparent and well worth winning. We have tried to eliminate the feeling that the competition was only for the big boys or Council Members. It really isn’t. Every CMG Member has a chance and over the next few years it will be my intention to rejuvenate interest from all CMG Members, so keep an eye on this prestigious competition – we will have some interesting initiatives coming up!

I also deliberate on the CMG Corporate Day, assisting Immediate Past Chairman Kevin Mack collate interesting venues and activities. The event takes place this month on 14th October and it will be at the Forest of Arden. We have changed the theme this year, with more focus on networking and activities including golf, clay shooting, fishing and spa, evening entertainment and a chance to meet friends old and new. All are welcome.
A real passion of mine is listening to our Members and taking on board their concerns, rather than making decisions without consultation. Our membership is country-wide and there is a need to listen carefully to everyone, especially our provincial members, and not just the “big boys” and/or those inside the M25.
My current role as Vice Chair is not only to support Sarah Cole, current CMG Chair, but also to help develop plans to increase awareness of the CMG within its marketplace, which is massively important. Funds are naturally limited in this regard, but it is essential, in my view, that the Council devotes its attention to try and bring about a situation where the marketplace is aware of the CMG, and every commercial invitation to quote requires CMG membership coupled with the standard BS 8522 as a pre-requisite for tendering. This may be a long way off yet, but it should be our prime objective.
I foresee the next few years to be challenging, but rewarding. I feel there is a new air in the industry and hope this leads to commercial movers returning to pre-2008 optimism. We have all been through tough times in the commercial moving industry, but I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I am delighted that Ian Studd is the Association’s new Director General, and whilst noting that his responsibilities are to the entire association, I welcome his input to the CMG as a past commercial mover, President of the Association and previous Chairman of the group. I sense the dawn of a new era which will be to the betterment of us all.
I welcome (and I mean this) hearing from all commercial movers, whether within the CMG or not. Please, whatever your concern or issue, speak to me on 07801134191 or email me on nigel@ My job is to represent you and I will do so to the very best of my ability.”
Our membership is country- wide and there is a need to listen carefully to everyone, especially our provincial members, and not just the “big boys” and/or those inside the M25.
Nigel Shaw,
CMG Vice-Chairman



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