Failing To Plan is Planning To Fail!

SM-Library-RelocationsAt Specialised Movers, our aim is always to give quality service at an economical rate. We successfully achieve this through using only our own full-time, trained and experienced staff allied with a management that together, really believe in best value and best customer service. Achieving a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, effective communication, and using crews familiar to our clients are all key to successful moving.

This long-standing quality service approach has enabled us to create long-term relationships with many of our clients, for whom we have successfully managed and completed office and premises removal projects in a range of business sizes and complexities, including:

  • Inland Revenue (10 years+)
  • Library Moves for Demco Interiors Library Design (15 years+)
  • The Home Office (10 years+)
  • HSBC Bank (20 years+)
  • Museum Move for Doncaster MBC