Project: Stock Storage/Control/Distribution Services
Client: Abercrombie and Fitch: Hollisters
Location: Liverpool, Manchester, Meadowhall, Nottingham
Date: Ongoing

Stock-ManagementSpecialised Movers are contracted by US Abercrombie & Fitch to co-ordinate and control receipt/storage/delivery of building materials and fixtures for new UK Hollister stores. These are received via the consolidation warehouse in the US, or direct from US/European suppliers. It is our responsibility to maintain strict inventory controls and arrange on-time deliveries to confirmed delivery schedule. Management of this contract is a “Just-in Time” approach.10 to 12 40ft general purpose shipping containers are received to our loading bay directly from the US. We receive up to 48 hours notice, but less is given to receive smaller consignments either by road freight or air freight.

All goods received have a placard and scanning tag, with data including supplier name, item no, number of crates and delivery date. Tags are electronically scanned to confirm receipt into warehouse. We are responsible for identifying the items and counting number of pallets received and number of items on each pallet.

On receipt of pallets, we photograph all items and labels and forward to the US. Pallets are stored according to their particular delivery date for easy identification and delivery control. Each delivery item has a specific quotation based on agreed submitted rates, with delivery during normal or out of hours. Authorisation is via email acceptance and PO number, recorded on corresponding invoice. Once authorisation is received, delivery is made as per schedule.

  • Each delivery is accompanied by a job ticket indicating goods being delivered and:
  • Number of crew members required and Vehicle Type
  • Number of pallets/items to be delivered and Reference Numbers
  • Time of Arrival and Departure

On delivery items/pallets are re-scanned as proof of delivery. The building contractor or site contact co-signs the scanner and job ticket to confirm goods received as required and in good condition.

Stock Management Case Study (PDF Version)