JackAt 77 years old Jack is our oldest employee. Married to June for 52 years, Jack is Sheffield born and bred. He spent his first 27 years working as a long-distance lorry-driver, then a further 15 years in a Sheffield Steel Works where he was known as ‘Pecker Jack’ (after some sort of heavy Plant/Equipment). His hobbies are fishing and vintage vehicle shows/rallies – we are quickly running out of shelf space for his trophies!

Jack has been with Specialised Movers for quite some time. He looks after our vintage fleet of vehicles. Here he is affectionately polishing our 1957 Fordson 10cwt Pantechnicon (removals vehicle). Jack was 20 years old when this vehicle was built so it is very much from his ‘era’ – adding to the authenticity of this pairing when he is seen driving around Sheffield!

He can also be found driving this van or our oldest vehicle a 1938 Guy Vixen to Vintage Vehicle shows in the region. Look out for him driving around Sheffield and Derbyshire – there will be a tell-tale traffic queue behind him as he chugs along at 20mph