Steven-ShawSteve started in removals industry at the young age of 17. He was mainly involved in moving homes, packing up personal effects and wrapping furniture to be moved from house to house.

At 21 Steve became a HGV driver, and also a fork-truck operator. He soon learned all aspects of the moving trade, progressing to European and Overseas home moving. Removals to Spain and Portugal were a particular favourite of his, spending 2 weeks in the sun delivering furniture to very contented customers!

Steve found that his real interests were in office and commercial moving, in particular heavy lifting such as machinery and safe moving. He became qualified in crane operating and is in charge of moving heavy office equipment, safes and factory moving.

Over the years he has overseen the purchase of specialist equipment such as stair robots, scoots, and a 26t lorry-mounted crane. Steve is also in charge of accreditations/certification and training in all aspects of mechanical handling.

Specialised Movers have now expanded into the safe movement of chemicals, and again Steve with his ADR licence will be kept a very busy man!

Steve is a very proud family man, and now his daughter Jess in part of our team he is full of pride!