01 Sep


By / jpadmin

General Move Requirements

Access and Egress around your home and to the removal vehicle is critical – notify your neighbours in advance that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home. If parking permits are required, this is your responsibility.

Item Removal – It is your responsibility to be present throughout the removal process in order to ensure that nothing is left behind and equally nothing is removed that should be left.

Attics, Lofts, Sheds and Garages – Specialised Movers (under our strict Health and Safety Rules) are not allowed to enter a loft, attic, shed or garage unless it is clearly lit and has a stable, fixed floor and access route/ladder. Neither will we move any flammable or potentially hazardous substances. If you require any of these moving then you should discuss this with our Consultant at initial site visit.

Should this not be the case, then it is your responsibility to pack and remove the contents of all attics, sheds and garages.

Fixtures and Fittings (curtains etc.)/Household Appliances (cookers/dishwashers etc.) All fixtures and fittings and household appliances should be disconnected/removed ready for the move. Specialised Movers are not insured to disconnect any electrical/gas appliances.

In the unlikely event that you need to make a claim, please firstly get in touch with Specialised Movers to discuss your claim details. We will then advise you of our claim process.