01 Sep


By / jpadmin

How Will You Protect My Most Valuable Items?

Specialised Movers are experts at packing your items and will use packing materials specific to the job in hand. We use the following packing materials/item protection:

Transit Blankets – Thick, tightly woven woollen blankets that are used on all furniture and non-crated effects, and ensures no occasions where an item is left exposed to abrasions, or marking from other effects or vehicle sides.
Card/Boarding – Many items require more padding (especially if items are being stacked) and a layer of card or hardboard will avoid any impression marks (eg. chairs on desks etc.).
Laminate or “overseas wrapping” – Wrapping the more vulnerable items before movement using either a laminated bubble blanket (paper lined to avoid “sweating” of wood), or a laminated 5-ply paper blanket. Specialised Movers crews are extremely skilled in this practice as they also regularly provide domestic and overseas removals services.
Export packing (packing into cartons or crates) – Similar to overseas wrapping, further protection can be supplied to more vulnerable effects to be packed, using corrugated paper, jet-wraps and acid free tissue paper for example.