01 Sep


By / jpadmin

How To Pack For Your Home Move DIY

Item Packing

Wrap each item individually in specifically designed protection (we can provide advice on this).
Pack heavy items into smaller boxes for easier lifting.
Ensure that heavy items are packed at the bottom of the box to avoid crushing other items.
Pack the box as fully as possible and pad out unused space within with crushed paper to negate movement and crushing damage whilst in transit.

Securing Boxes

Make sure all boxes are packed, taped closed, stacked and labelled to show the right way up.
Make sure that the bottom of the box is taped securely to prevent it coming open when full and lifted.

Lifting Techniques

Always bend at the knees (not at your waist) and keep your back straight.
Boxes should never be overfilled! All boxes should easily be lifted by one person.

After The Move – Reopening Boxes

When reopening boxes after the move, do not cut the tape with a knife as it may damage the contents.