01 Sep


By / jpadmin

I Have Children – Can You Recommend Strategies To Make This Move Easier?

When you are planning a house move and you have children it is very important that you plan this properly to avoid unnecessary stress on them (which then will no doubt affect you).

It is extremely important that children (of all ages) are involved in every step of the moving process to reduce this stress factor. Having said that, however, pre-school children are less prone to stress as immediate family members are mainly “their world”, whereas children in school at every level require more understanding and communication to reduce inevitable resistance to change (move).

A move is especially disturbing for those children – generally teenagers and above – that have a particularly active “social life” as they may need to change schools/clubs and social groups (friends), which can be particularly traumatic unless careful thought is given to the changes they will face. As soon as possible you should

Inform all family members and your children about the move, the reasons why and advantages to moving (where applicable) in order that they can adjust themselves to the idea and become actively involved in the move and feel part of the decisions being made.

Research the area you’re moving into, so that you can be informed and enthusiastic about the area and it’s advantages when your children ask you, “why?” “what will it be like?” “what will there be to do there?” etc.

Involve children in their choice of school (wherever possible), point out the advantages of their new school and the fact that they will make a new set of friends without necessarily losing touch with their old friends; reassure them how they can keep in touch with their friends; sleepovers, visits, days out together etc. etc.

Actively involve children in the packing and moving process (wherever non-fragile packing is required). Use this as a de-clutter process and encourage them to throw out all unwanted/unused things.

Actively involve children in the design and choice of their rooms – make it fun and special! Let them choose their own colour schemes, layout their bedroom etc. and make it their space!

If possible, arrange childcare for the removal day.

Of course, your children are unique individuals and you know them best! Some of these strategies may work and some may not, but we hope this gives you some food for thought.