01 Sep


By / jpadmin

How Do You Protect My Home(s)

Specialised Movers’ crews will apply protective measures in advance of the move activity, and all routes and protection will regularly be re-checked and fresh protective materials re-applied before their effectiveness has expired:

Floor protection – all main walkways will be covered and we will apply boarding along all main walkways to provide a secure fixing and avoid creating any slip or trip hazards.
Grounds/Ramps/Tail Lifts – removal vehicles have metal ramps and/or tail lifts that can mark the ground (block-paving or tarmac) so our crews will use card or wooden sheeting beneath the ramps to negate this problem.
Door Protection – we use padded door covers that attach by Velcro and avoid damage through knocks and bumps.
Door Corner wall protection and door frames – these will also be padded with either laminated wrap or correx padding.
Stairways – these are often vulnerable area (especially if narrow) and where necessary the walls are covered using laminated wrapping or correx sheeting.