Commercial Office IT Removal Services

Specialised Movers understand that today’s businesses are heavily reliant on IT/telecoms systems and a successful IT Relocation is critical to the success of your business move. Our IT Relocation experts will work with you to minimise the impact of moving your IT equipment and help you get your business back up and running with the minimal of downtime.
Throughout your business premises move, the effective and secure relocation of your IT and telecoms systems is vital to the full contract’s success, and to your timescales for effectively resuming your business.

Specialised Movers’ Removal Consultants can offer the following services:

  • Work closely with your IT maintenance Department to plan the move – to ensure that your move is undertaken with the minimum of business disruption or downtime and that inter-departmental dependencies are in line with your business requirements post-move
  • Undertake a detailed IT audit of all your equipment and pre-test systems prior to disconnection (to ensure working system relocation)
  • Disconnect PCs – from original locations, keeping all peripherals and cabling together
  • Pack and Label – using our special anti-static packing protection and computer-specific crates
  • Securely Move – our special, air-ride, liveried pantechnicons ensure that all your IT equipment reaches its destination safely. All our staff are fully enhanced-CRB checked
  • Reconnect PCs – to the specified locations, ensuring all peripherals are intact as required
  • Test Connectivity – by using a specific “guest account” and troubleshoot negative logons wherever possible (and authorised)
  • Environmental Disposal Of Redundant IT – to ensure that your business complies with all EU Directives and legislation regarding WEEE, we can dispose of all redundant IT equipment and supply you with a Certificate of
  • Disposal. Please see our Environmental Disposals/WEEE section for more details

All this will be undertaken to a prior agreed timescale to ensure that reconnection is undertaken in line with your departmental and business needs.

We Can Additionally Provide

•  Cable Management services to ensure that all your relocated equipment complies fully with current Health and Safety at Work regulations with regard to VDU/Workstation assessment and cable-routing criteria

•  Server and Data Storage Relocations

•  Network Patching Services – working to a pre-determined patch plan if required

•  Portable Appliance Testing – ensuring that your new office is compliant with all Health and Safety requirements