Museum Moving Specialists


Specialised Movers recognise that each Museum is unique and has it’s own specific, individual requirements.

We understand how critical it is to work closely with the Curator – they know and understand their museum and artefacts better than anyone. We therefore take great care in listening and learning to then tailor our packing, wrapping, lifting and protective relocation techniques to meet their exact needs.

When undertaking Museum Moves, detailed move plans need to be drawn up and followed with the utmost discipline. Great care is taken when packing, wrapping and transporting items. All Specialised Movers’ staff are trained and experienced in moving fine art and vulnerable museum pieces. Our vehicles are on air-ride suspension, providing a smoother journey and are also equipped with tail-lifts to ease loading and unloading. We also have specialist lifting equipment such as lorry-mounted cranes, spider cranes, stair robots etc. to make lifting a safer and more precise operation.

Private Collections

Specialised Movers also provide relocation services for private collectors. Our service is bespoke and discreet; we have the ability to transport single items or collections.


Case Studies

REME Museum of Technology

Relocation of entire museum collection consisting of over 125,000 individual items. All uniquely asset tagged, and all of historical, monetary and extreme emotive value to the regiment.

Specialised Movers packed, wrapped, inventoried, asset tagged+description, “over-packed” into airfreight-cartons, secured to pallet bases, shrink wrapped, (or packed into bespoke wooden crates/cases) transported and delivered into new site at RAF Lyneham. All items checked by client staff onto vehicle and at delivery

Specialist items:

Priceless artefacts from WWII, automated mannequins, libraries, working steam-train models, medal collections, battalion-banners, and regimental paintings. Heavy lifting equipment used for Volkswagen displays (REME “rescued” VW at the end of WWII), missiles, military vehicles and larger weaponry.


Successfully completed within required 12-week schedule, working with a smaller crew to ensure all staff had thorough understanding of the site, the national importance of collections, exact logistics, protective levels and also working culture/needs of the museum site, it’s curators and staff.

Specialised Movers using 26t Lorry-Mounted crane for the relocation of Glass Display Cases (crated)

Cusworth Hall Redevelopment:

Specialised Movers were employed by the Doncaster Museum Services to return all antiquities and effects that had been in long term security storage within the Doncaster area.

Specialised Movers were used because the previous removal contractor had failed to comply to the high standards of instruction and had breached the time motion carrying system that the client had implemented for the series of moves.

Cusworth Hall is a Grade 1 Edwardian Stately Home that after years of neglect received a significant lottery aid grant and with help from the National Trust, underwent major surgery to reclaim its former elegance.

Pre Move Planning:

A structured induction was organised with the client in which Specialised Movers shared information and evaluated the scope of works.

Relocation of Mannequin + Gown

Scope of Works:

Specialised Movers fitted full site protection at the newly refurbished Cusworth Hall. All stairwells, walkways and lift apertures were protected.

Working to specifically designed and agreed moving techniques for this project, Specialised Movers worked in constant co-operation with the Museum. At all times the consignments were marshalled, with all transportation recorded/logged and security tracked.

Specialised Movers lifting division were also employed to move all the display cabinets from secure store. These units were top heavy and also delicate – building bespoke crates for the glass panels and moved using our lorry-mounted crane.

After placement of the glass display cabinets, fragile glassware and cosmetic jewellery was placed into these cabinets by Specialised Movers operatives.

Specialised Movers have since on numerous occasions revisited Cusworth Hall to offer porterage and removal services.

The main attraction at Cusworth Hall are the Victorian kitchens

” Whether it is 1 x item, 1 x collection or an entire museum relocation, we have a proven track record in moving items safely and successfully both nationally and internationally. “

John Turner
Project Manager for Museums and Artefacts