The Move:

For all your commercial moves we follow a detailed five step plan to ensure that your removal goes smoothly, to plan and, most importantly – to budget.


Initial Inspection/Project Management:

Once you choose Specialised Movers, we allocate a dedicated Project Manager to help you through the move as easily as possible. We meet with you to understand and define your business objectives, timescales and risks.


At this stage we also undertake:

Assessment of items to be moved, quantities, special requirements and spatial planning/following plans; health and safety. An assessment of logistics and timescales for the removals journey, identifying any traffic issues/parking permits/access requirements with regard to loading/unloadingContingency planning – to ensure that, should the unexpected occur, the impacts on the overall move are minimal.

Allowing us then to design your unique Business Move Plan to suit your exact needs and to provide help and assistance at every step of the way. See our Project Management section for more information.


Site Protection/Packing/Crates:

Office-packing Specialised Movers recognise that the skill of the removal crew is paramount when protecting items in transit.  We complete an initial survey of the office with a view for access and egress route protection/packing requirements.

Building Protection: floor protection – grounds/ramps/trail lifts; door/frame protection/corner wall/stairways protection – our crews apply protective measures in advance of the move, and all route protection is regularly re-checked and fresh protection re-applied before effectiveness has expired.

Packing Materials/Item Protection: transit blankets/card/boarding/Laminate or “overseas wrapping”/export packing – we can supply all your packing material needs, or our specially trained staff can do the packing for you.

Crates: If you are doing your own packing, then you need crates delivered in advance of the move. Usually computers are packed/unpacked into our IT crates on the day of the move.

These crates are used for moving files, office equipment stationery etc. The capacity of this crate is equivalent to 1 x filing cabinet drawer. For confidential file moves we also provide seals or number seals to “lock” the crate for extra security. Specialised Movers crates are a distinctive black colour to make them easily identifiable. Our crates have been specially designed and manufactured from recycled plastics.

See Commercial FAQs for information on Building Protection/Professional Packing services.


Loading and Transportation:

Assets will be carefully loaded onto one of our specially liveried pantechnicons, where wooden or metal raves ensure items are securely strapped by webs or ties. Throughout the journey our skilled crews will constantly re-secure each tier or specific item to ensure there is no movement whilst in transit.

Air-ride smoothness ensures careful transportation for even your most fragile of possessions. We have specialist tail-lift vehicles for the movement of heavier items such as machines, or items that have to kept level such as IT servers or photocopiers. See our Staff, Machinery and Livery sections for more information.

Secure, Containerised Storage:

We can take your possessions to our secure containerised storage warehouse where they are protected 24/7 by professionally installed alarms and CCTV systems, until such time as they are needed at your new location.
Specialised Movers understand that your livelihood could be at stake if your stock or equipment is damaged or lost, therefore Security is paramount within our storage facility which benefits from the highest available protection facilities. Whether you’re moving location or simply want to de-clutter your office – Specialised Movers can offer flexible storage arrangements to suit you – whether it turns out to be required for a day, a week, a month or a year we can help! There is no lengthy contract to sign apart from a minimal one weeks’ storage.


See our Secure Storage section for more information. Or….



we arrive at your new premises, we will apply site protection such as floor boarding, wall covers, door covers and lift gowns. All routes of access will be protected.

Our crew will deliver all effects closely following any plans. Re-assembly of any furniture will be completed. All IT will be unpacked and placed as required. Crates will be collected when ready, and documented. In addition, we can provide a testing service for IT/electrical equipment, and undertake cleaning services to ensure that your building and equipment is business-ready. We will work to schedule to ensure that your business is up and running with minimum disruption and on schedule.