Environmental Disposal

When a company relocates, the disposal costs of redundant furniture can be almost as expensive as buying everything brand new!

With tight budgets recycling fruniture can actually be an excellent way of reducing costs and maximising existing budgets – a business that recycles its funiture with Specialised Movers can save up to 70% of the equivalent costs than if they sent the goods to landfill.

We will collect your redundant furniture and:

Provide a green solution to its disposal – offering a 90% re-cycling of wooden office furniture through pellet chipping services (used for pet bedding, equestrian surfacing etc).
Place the better furniture to second ownership. We have a large catalogue of charities/organisations who frequently take up the offer for office furniture – even schools, colleges, organisations on tight budgets (e.g. start-up companies).

Contact us for a quote for single or multiple items of furniture.

Plastic Recycling

Specialised Movers subscibe to PIRAP (Plastic Industry Recycling Action Plan).

Recycling redundant commercial plastic into end applications that can displace virgin plastics will save an average 2 x tonnes of C02 for every tonne of plastic recycled.

Specialised Movers work with major plastic manufacturer Linpac – an international market leader in the manufacture and marketing of plastic packaging and supply chain products.

Through this relationship we introduced the first plastic moving crate – made from recycled plastics.

Paper and Cardboard Recycling

As a removals company we supply and use a large amount of paper and cardboard based protective packaging.

Once these materials are no longer re-usable they are collection, baled and distributed to a number of mills throughout the region to be recycled back into usable packaging materials.

Metal Recycling

Metal waste will often be found on redundant furniture – chairs, filing cabinets, table legs…

Specialised Movers will strip metal, even nuts and bolts.



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