All Specialised Movers’ vehicles are:

  • Owned rather than leased and are all regularly serviced by an approved maintenance contractor.
  • Pantechnicons on air-ride suspension.
  • Fully liveried for specialist removals work, fully equipped with a high level of protective materials from transit blankets, site protection and webbing to secure effects from movement.
  • Fully alarmed and locked when loaded and bear the Specialised Movers’ colours and signage for increased security and identity.
  • Euro 4 specification (using 10% less diesel fuel used than a similar Euro Class 2 engine). We are also trialling bio-fuels to help reduce our carbon emissions.
  • 17t vehicles “draw bars” connecting to a large trailer for maximum capacity of 3600cuft.
  • 7.5t Pantechnicons, fully equipped with tail-lifts and container loading facilities.
  • 26t Lorry-mounted, remotely controlled crane (used primarily for moving safes and machines).
  • 35cwt removals vehicle which is ideal for tight accesses and smaller operations – with full removals livery.
  • Long-wheel base transit vans – fully liveried.
  • Crew Mini-Bus, which is ideal for transporting crews (9 x staff) economically to site.
  • Safe Technology vehicle (equipped with specialist equipment for dealing with safes).
  • Environmentally Friendly Electrically Powered Vehicles.
  • Articulated vehicles and trailers, complete with container loading facilities.
  • 17t Pantechnicons, fully equipped with tail-lift.

In addition to liveried vehicles, all our staff are also uniformed and additionally carry personal photo ID for secure, personnel authentication
(please see our Security Policy section for more information).

Draw-Bar Vehicle Van & Trailer in Spain

Machinery & Moving Equipment

All our machinery and moving equipment adheres to or exceeds current industry-standards in order to ensure that:

  • all removal/relocation contracts are undertaken safely but quickly (and with minimum noise and disruption)
  • your valuable assets are transported in the most safe and secure manner
  • our removals staff are not exposed to any health and safety issues through incorrect handling and lifting techniques

Specialised Movers regularly invest in new, up-to-date equipment to ensure that our exemplary Health and Safety record remains intact.